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 Novelty is supposed to be limitless... 

Novelty deals with not what is truth but is the one taking place after it. Idea always renews itself through generating the thoughts, providing a basis for creativity.

We have new generation team. Each day we enter new arena with the strength gained by numerous projects we accomplished in the past.

We love design, arts and interdisciplinarity.

Marcel Duchamp, avant-garde artist shaping art history, says:

“A new language and a new critical language will have emerged after 50 years. The deal itself is to draw a picture which will last our lifetime. There is no picture to last more than 30 or 40 years. After 30-40 years, the picture passes; it lacks its sparkle, it lacks its spectacle – or whatsoever -. It is either forgotten or stays in limbo of art history afterwards.


It is good to be new!



 what we do ? 

 concept creation 
 production design 
 show design 
selected works
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